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Few months ago i posted the MEAN REST server (backend API in nodeJS ) . Here is the blog post

Here is the git repo 

Interactive REST API Doc :

Now i am posting the mobile client to consume the above  REST API  . The web client is build in Ionic – AngularJS (Hybrid Mobile application android / iOS)


MEAN Mobile client – AngularJS – Ionic

What does it offer ?

  1. True MVC structure using Ionic / Cordova
  2. REST API consume (
  3. User registration , login , CURD (Order) implementation (token based auth)
  4. Using local storage
  5. AngularJS config , constant , service , factory implementation
  6. HTTP Interceptors implementation
  7. Using cordovaPlugins toast for error / success messages
  8. Customized Splash screen & App Icon

Android APK to test : (Debug version for testing purpose only)



Here is the git repo source code


MEAN Mobile Client – AngularJS – Ionic – REST API
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