MEAN web client – AngularJS – REST API

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Few months ago i posted the MEAN REST server (backend API in nodeJS ) . Here is the blog post

Here is the git repo 

Interactive REST API Doc :

Now i am posting the web client to consume the above  REST API  . The web client is build in AngularJS


What does it offer ?

  1. True MVC structure using yeoman( for scaffolding
  2. REST API consume (
  3. User registration , login , CURD (Order) implementation (token based auth)
  4. Using local storage
  5. Using grunt for develop / deploy / test
  6. Using karma for unit testing
  7. SASS – bootstrap for css framework
  8. AngularJS config , constant , service , factory implementation
  9. HTTP Interceptors implementation
  10. Using angularSpinners , ui-notifications
  11. Ready to deploy in heroku

Live Demo :

Login credential (niltest3/123456) or register here

Build & development

Run grunt build for building and grunt serve for preview in localhost


Running grunt test will run the unit tests with karma.


Here is the git repo source code

MEAN web client – AngularJS – REST API

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