MEAN Stack REST API Server

M.E.A.N = MongoDB , Expressjs , Angular JS , Node .

MEAN Stack

Now a days MEAN stack environment is mostly used to build powerful , scalable  web application .

here is a opensource for beginner  or  quick start- up .


What does it offer ?

  1. True MVC structure with NodeJS , Express , MongoDB
  2. Login , Signup , Token based authentication , passport integrated
  3. Full CRUD implementation
  4. Relation implementation with User & Order object
  5. Custom Callback , middleware , functions implemented
  6. Bootstrap , Template engine implemented
  7. EJS implemented
  8. Environment variable used
  9. Ready to deploy for Heroku node server
  10. Used Redis for caching (speed up user authentication)

Interactive REST API Doc :

Deployed in Heroku

Note : Procfile is used to tell Heroku how to start that application . If you run this in localhost , you need not to use that file

Source code :

what next ?

  1. Frontend  web Angular will be updated soon as separate application connected with REST API . here
  2. IOS / Android build up to consume that API

I will tag the  next release along with this blog post

If you have any questions / doubt , dont hesitate to post / contact with me 🙂

MEAN Stack REST API Server
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