This steps for CI / Codeigniter Application only . Example Code is used for Twilio API . But for other 3rd party it would be quite similar but you have to change the classes used in helper file .

Download the library folder from the 3rd party website , then place that folder in your /application/libraries folder .

Then create a helper file in your /application/helper folder , lets name it my-script_helper.php . Make sure you used that _helper keyword .

Use below mentioned script on that newly created helper file


if (!class_exists('Services_Twilio')) {
	 * The main Twilio.php file contains an autoload method for its dependent
	 * classes, we only need to include the one file manually.

 * Return a twilio services object.
 * Since we don't want to create multiple connection objects we
 * will return the same object during a single page load
 * @return object Services_Twilio
function get_twilio_service() {
	static $twilio_service;

	if (!($twilio_service instanceof Services_Twilio)) {
		 * This assumes that you've defined your SID & TOKEN as constants
		 * Replace with a way to get your SID & TOKEN if different
		$twilio_service = new Services_Twilio(TWILIO_SID, TWILIO_TOKEN);

	return $twilio_service;


Once done . Load the  helper file in your controller by using : $this->load->helper(‘my-script’);

Now you can use the twilio function / API call in your controller .

// Request the service object $service = get_twilio_service();

// make a call

try { $service->account->calls->create( ‘4150000000’, // from this number

‘4150000000’, // to this number

site_url(‘/twiml/call’) // callback url

); }

catch (Exception $e)

{ // handle any error conditions here }



How to integrate 3rd party libraries in your Codeigniter application . Example : Twilio
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